Most of the services we offer at Outlook are oriented towards commercial buildings, up to 40 stories.

We perform all the following services for High Rise Commercial buildings, High Rise Residential/Condominium buildings and large Residential homes:

Exterior Window Cleaning:
Includes windows and frames.

Interior Window Cleaning:
Includes windows and window sills/frames.

Awning Cleaning:
Includes canvas, metal or glass awnings on a monthly or as needed basis. Cleaning can include topside, underside and framework, depending on work scope.

Monthly Cleaning/Route work:
Includes Ext & Int window cleaning of street level windows, lobbies, retail, canopies & awnings, columns, metal panels, framework, etc.

Full Building Cleaning- high rise and residential:
Includes Exterior building walls, metal panels, air intake & exhaust vents cleaning, EIFS cleaning, moss & algae removal, and many other exterior building features.

Construction Cleaning:
We work with several construction companies in the Puget Sound region providing final cleaning to construction projects with a variety of services.

Graffiti Removal:
We offer graffiti removal and mobile pressure washing services.

Waterproofing and Sealing:
Includes building substrates like brick, precast/concrete, and tile.

Pressure Washing- high rise and commercial:
Includes parking garages, decks, patios, walkways, parking lots, loading docks, alleys, and more. Monthly cleaning services are offered with our mobile pressure washing van.

Pressure Washing- residential:
Includes exterior walls of buildings, roof, driveways, decks, patios, walkways, docks, and more.

The Blue Lift:
The Blue lift can work indoors on an electric motor or outdoors with a gas engine, so we can access and clean all kinds of hard to reach areas. We can also pressure wash or rinse down rooftops using the lift, it is lighter than a traditional man-lift and can drive over grass areas around homes without tearing up the yard. We rent it out with an operator and crew to accomplish a wide variety of tasks including roof cleaning (metal and shake), building cleaning, gutters & downspouts, window cleaning, high beams dusting, and much more.

Bird Deterrents Installation:
We offer many different types of bird deterrent installation:

  • Loading Dock, netting installation with optional zippers for access to HVAC areas and pipes.
  • Bird wire, all types of applications to deter birds from landing.
  • We have a humane bird deterrent system that we manufacture protects the parapets from birds landing on your building rooftop.
  • traditional methods like spikes and tracks

Envelope Inspection:
We have our crew do a complete survey of the building, document any issues, and return the photos to you on a disc.

If you have any questions about the services we have listed, or regarding a service we can offer for you, please contact us and we will answer your questions as quickly as possible!