Most of the services we offer at Outlook are oriented towards commercial buildings.

Exterior Window Cleaning:
Includes lobbies, canopies, metal panels, and framework.

Interior Window Cleaning:
Includes lobbies, interiors for homeowners at condos, and framework.

Full Building Cleaning:
Includes up to 40 stories of the exterior building, EIFS cleaning, algae removal,  and pressure washing.

Includes brick, concrete, and tile roofs.

Pressure Washing:
Includes walkways, building exteriors, parking lots, loading docks, alleys, and more.

Envelope Inspection:
We have our crew do a complete survey of the building, document any issues, and return the photos to you on a disc.

The Blue Lift:
We have a unique lift we rent out with an operator to accomplish a wide variety of tasks including window cleaning, dusting, and much more.

Humane Bird Deterrent System:
Protects the parapets from birds landing on your building.

If you have any questions about the services we have listed, or regarding a service we can offer for you, please contact us and we will answer your questions as quickly as possible!