At Outlook Exterior Maintenance inc, it is our mission is to deliver the best quality service in the Puget Sound Region.

We are general contractors in the building maintenance industry. We specialize in difficult to clean buildings, taking care of high-rise, low-rise and residential properties.

Outlook accomplishes this through the hiring and training of only the highest quality people available in our industry.

Over the last 20 years, we have strived to bring the highest quality service to our customers by staying current and pioneering new ideas and methods for cleaning with the latest technologies.

Currently the Outlook name is one people recognize within the Pacific Northwest for quality, performance and integrity.

Most of our business comes from our reputation with our current and former clients. We at Outlook Exterior Maintenance recognize the value of our reputation in this industry.

Our ambition is to continue to build professional relationships with the community by providing solutions through exceptional quality work and integrity.

Due to customer satisfaction being core to our business values, we regularly go above and beyond our customers’ expectations and are often asked to perform work outside our regular services which expands our business and experiences.

At Outlook Exterior Maintenance we recognize that our employees are key to the company’s success.

We are always looking for individuals to join our team that desire to go the extra mile for our customers. We are a rapidly growing company that has lots of room for expansions. As our customers’ needs change, we need to know how to change. Your experience in window cleaning, pressure washing, machinery and chemistry, are all great assets to the Outlook team.

We dedicate many of our weekends to our customers, but you will be able to see Puget Sound from a vantage point like no other.

Our compensation levels are very competitive and above state standards and we put additional value on experience and unique skills. We provide annual reviews and compensation adjustments as necessary.

All of our employees are trained and given a foundation for success. When our employees invest in us and our customers, they provide us with the means to grow, and we provide them with opportunities to continue advancing with us.

We take great pride in our employees and what they provide over the many years they spend with us.

Are you ready for a future with Outlook?

We are constantly seeking new talent to join the Outlook team!

Currently we are seeking employees to fulfill the following position:

Window Cleaning Specialist

If you have any questions please use the form on our Contact Us page.

We look forward to hearing from you!